Ultra Filtration Water Purifier(UV+UF+ALKALINE)

The Best Water Purifier for Home

Water Purifiers are an indispensable part of our homes. It enables us to refine the quality of water and embrace good health. A water purifier is a must for every home. It plays a vital role in removing the contaminants from the water with the ultrafiltration process.

Liquiclear brings to you some of the best ultra-filtration water purifiers. Our water purifiers for homes are custom made to meet the exact needs of modern urban homes. The matchless combination of UV, UF + Alkaline works wonders. It not only removes bacteria and excess minerals but also enhances its taste.

Ultra Filtration Water Purifier(UV+UF+ALKALINE)

Our water purifiers are intricately made to achieve next-level water filtration. The 0% water wastage during water filtration makes our water purifiers ideal for every kitchen. Moreover, our water purifiers can successfully remove microbiological contaminants from the water and make it suitable for drinking. At Liquiclear, we strive to attain the highest level of perfection. Our water filters can maintain alkalinity up to 9 pH without changing ORP.

Why are water purifiers important?

1. Health: Health is primary. Water quality has a tremendous effect on your health. Drinking unfiltered hard water can lead to frequent illness. Water purifiers and filters from Liquiclear can enable one to refine the quality of water and protect loved ones.

2. Taste: One of the major benefits of water filters is their ability to enhance the taste of water. A water filter removes excess minerals and contaminants from the water. The various stages of water filtration balance the alkalinity of the water and make it suitable for drinking.

3. Improves digestion: Water purifiers have a positive effect on the digestive system. It supports kidney functions and hydrates your body optimally.

4. Removes heavy metals: Sometimes tap/river water may contain a higher level of contaminants such as iron, lead, mercury, arsenic, chloride and much more. Water filters can remove these physical contaminants from the water and make it safe for drinking.

We have experience of more than one decade in the water system industry. Over the years, we have carved a niche in the water purifier and softener segment with our continuous efforts and product innovations. We have a superior assemblage of water purifiers for home and commercial premises.

Our purifiers are made from top-notch quality material and are convenient to use. Moreover, we strive to offer end to end service to our clients. We take care of everything right from installation to after-sales services.

Now buy the best quality advanced water purifiers right from your comfort zone only at Liquiclear. Place your order now!


Zero Water Wastage
Our UV Water Dispenser ensures Zero to No Water Wastage.

Auto Backwash of UF membrane (1st time in India)
For the 1st time in India, Auto Backwash feature of UF Membrane in our UV Dispenser.

Mineral Rich Water
Removes microbiological contaminants from water to provide healthy Mineral-rich water.

Large Storage Capacity of up to 9 Litres
It has a large storage capacity that can store up to 9 Litres of water.

Alkaline water of up to 9 pH
Get perfectly balanced Alkaline water of up to 9 pH.

Touchless Dispensing
Safe and Clean Water Dispensing with our Touchless Dispenser.

Technical Specifications


Body Material ABS Food Grade
Storage Tank Size 10 Ltrs Approx.
UF Membrane 0.001 Micron
UV Lamp 11 watt
Alkaline Cartridge PH incrase upto 9
Carbon Filter GAC approx 1100 ID value
Electricity 220 volt AC
UF Membrane Auto Back wash Every 50 Hours
Back wash Control Panel PCB controlled
Water Dispense Automatic ( Touchless)
Automatic Dispensing Method Proximity Sensor
UF Membrane 1 year
Carbon Filter 6 Months
Alkaline Cartridge upto 8000 ltrs