(Liqui Deionization Water Purifier)

Liqui Deionization Water Purifier is the most advanced form of purification. It removes all types of ions from the water. The process of water purification and deionization is simple, the water is exposed to the electrically charged resins to bind and remove the salts. Liquid deionization is one of the most efficient methods to retain natural minerals and remove impurities.

Our LDI is suitable for commercial as well as domestic use. The advanced technology of these water purifiers along with cutting-edge systems make them ideal for households as well as industrial units.

Ultra Filtration Water Purifier(UV+UF+ALKALINE)

The utility of Liqui Deionized Water

Chemical plants: The liquid deionized water has multiple usages. It is widely used in chemical plants where there is a requirement of removing certain ions and minerals from the water. The LDI water purifiers are highly suitable for chemical plants that require deionized water in large quantities. At Liquiclear, we believe in catering to the specific needs of our clients. Hence, our LDI can be tailor-made to meet the standards.

Glass manufacturers: The tap water contains TDS deposits like calcium, magnesium, silica, etc. These compounds may at times deposit on the glass surface and affect its aesthetics. Thus, LDI water purifiers are required in glass manufacturing units to rinse the product after crafting it.

Biotech and Pharmaceuticals: In pharmaceutical companies and Biotech there is often a requirement of bacteria-free water, as ionized water when mixed with chemical compounds may affect the patient's body. Hence, LDI is highly used in the manufacturing plants of pharmaceuticals and biotech to produce ion-free water.

Specimen processing: Deionized water is highly used to clean surgical instruments with a liquid to disinfect the specimen. Deionized water purifiers help to free residuals and ensure absolute sterility.

Liquiclear has a wide range of fully automatic devices. Our Liquid Deionization Water Purifier offers 100% recovery during the water purification process. It enables one to get natural minerals in the required quantity with utmost accuracy. Moreover, our Liqui Deionization Water Purifier is energy efficient. They consume one-third of the energy required for operating a Reverse Osmosis system.

Our Liquid Deionization Water Purifier is perfect for commercial and industrial plants. They are easy to install and operate. They don’t require any frequent maintenance or repair costs. At Liquiclear, we strive to provide advanced and cleantech water purification solutions that are unique and differentiating.

Now get the desired deionized water with the ultimate exactness, only with our Liqui Deionization Water Purifier. Connect to know more!


Retain Essential Minerals
Our Purifiers retain natural minerals that are otherwise lost in Reverse Osmosis process.

Saves Water
LDI Technology saves about 80% more water as compared to RO.

Energy Efficient
Only ⅓ electricity usage as compared to RO.

Fully Automatic
Fully Automatic LDI Purifiers for convenience of use.

TDS Tunable
Tunable TDS system that lets you adjust the TDS level according to your need.

24 Hour Operation
Unlike other appliances, LDI purifiers can operate for full 24 hours without stopping.

Low Maintenance
Our LDI water purifiers require almost zero maintenance.

The warranty period is 2 years from the date of purchase.

Technical Specifications

LDI 5000

Body Material Galvanized Powder Coated
Product Type Drinking Water Purifier
Input TDS Max 1500 PPM
Input TDS Min 100 PPM
Water recovery Up-to 80% (100% at time of purification)
Carbon Filter 20” , 1100 Id Value
Electricity 220 Volt ( Up-to 10 amp)
Auto Back Wash Every 150 Hours (Continuous running)
Back Wash Control Panel Automatic controller
Auto TDS Control Automatic/ Manual
Dimensions 66.5 X 62.5 X 128 cm
Power 780 W/Hour* (Average)
Output Water Quality Mineral water Up-to 100-300 PPM TDS (WHO standard is 500 PPM)
Weight 86 Kg
Max Output Water 250 LPH* (5000 LPD*)
Operating Hour 24 hours