LDISF(Electronic Water Softener)

Removes Hardness Without Resin / Without Salt

Electric Water softeners are the new age solution for all your hard water problems. They ensure softening of the water in large quantities in a quick turnaround time. The electric water softener works on a process called ion exchange. The unwanted ions in the hard water are replaced by sodium during the water conditioning or softening process. It improves the quality of the water and also enhances its taste. It removes the excess minerals from the water and makes it suitable for an array of applications.

At Liquiclear, we have a wide range of electric water softeners. Our water softeners are made with utmost precision and attention to detail.

Ultra Filtration Water Purifier(UV+UF+ALKALINE)

When do you need an electric water softener?

Often you will find deposits of white substance in the pipes, appliance surfaces, floors, and other vital areas of commercial or residential premises. This accumulation of this white substance is due to the chemicals and contaminants present in the hard water, and, can have a drastic impact on the longevity of your appliances as well as your plumbing system.

Electric Water Softener treats hard water and balances chemical composition in the water. It prevents the frequent need for repair and maintenance of the plumbing systems.

Liquiclear brings you a smart assemblage of electric water softeners for commercial and domestic use. Our water softeners are the ideal solution for all your hard water problems. They ensure there is the right proportion of minerals in the water. Moreover, hard water can also have a drastic impact on your skin. It can make your skin itchy, inflamed, and even dry. Water softeners for homes refine the quality of water. It averts the side effects of hard water and facilitates good skin health.

Liquiclear is the one-stop solution for all your water softening needs. We have experience of more than one decade in the water sector. Our team of water experts and technicians is highly skilled and proficient. Their knowledge and understanding of the water treatment process are phenomenal. They offer the best water softener solutions for commercial and residential use.

At Liquiclear, we envision providing our clients superior service and optimum technical assistance. We provide end-to-end services that take care of everything from installation to post-installation services. Our carbon-based patent technology gives exceptional results in the fastest time.

Now get quality water with zero water wastage only from the smart and advanced electric water softener from Liquiclear.


Removes Hardness without Resin or Salt
It absorbs hardness from water, makes it soft and reduces TDS as well.

Fully Automatic
Fully Automatic PLC Based Electric Softeners for hassle-free usage.

Hardness Tunable
One can easily tune the hardness of the water with our Electric Water Softener.

24 Hour Operation
Unlike other appliances, LDI purifiers can operate for full 24 hours without stopping.

Chemical Free Filtration
Removes excess chemicals from the water and makes it suitable for an array of applications. (No harmful chemicals are used in the water softening process)

Saves Water
Saves more water than any other Conventional Water Softener.

No Regeneration required for hassle free operation
Doesn’t require any regeneration and provides hassle- free operation.

The warranty period is 2 years from the date of purchase.

Technical Specifications


Body Material Galvanized Powder Coated
Product Type Water Softener
Input Hardness / TDS Max 800/1500 PPM
Input Hardness / TDS Min 50/1000 PPM
Carbon Filter 20", 1100 ld Value
Electricity 220 Volt (Up-to 10 amp)
Auto Back Wash Every 150 Hours (Continuous running)
Back Wash Control Panel Automatic Controller
Dimensions 66.5 X 62.5 X 128 cm
Power 780 W/Hour* (Average)
Output Water Qaulity (hardness & tds) 80% reduction of hardness & 50% in TDS
Weight 86 Kg
Max Output Water 400 LPH* (8000 LPD*)
Operating Hours 24 hours Fully Automatic