Liquiclear | Chairman's Message

Mr. Bharat B Bhalla



Thousands of years ago, our ancient sages described water as nectar and medicine in the Rig Veda. Their shlokas deeply touched my heart. Over the last 30 years, I have invested profitably in many different businesses and provided engineering solutions to customers in 40 plus countries. Now, I want to give back to the community, the society, and the nation.

Performance Drives Success!

The success of any organization depends upon several factors. The combination of various elements navigates one to the road of development. I believe that we have a team of zealous professionals with an eye for perfection. Our team is our greatest strength. Liquiclear is founded on profound principles that promote transparency, growth, and sustainability.

Our company is constantly working towards upgrading its facilities and incorporating clean and technologically advanced solutions. We strive to upgrade our design, development, research, technology solutions and introduce innovative systems.

At Liquiclear, we invest in our people. We constantly impart training to our employees to refine their skills and make them more competent. We want to build close-knit teams with well-aligned and synchronized objectives. With our combined efforts, I am sure that we will become the corporate leaders in this segment and set new milestones.

Apprehending the expansion opportunities and manifold development, we are developing standard systems for quality monitoring and consistency. Our vision is to be the world-class leader in the water purification sector.

So, let us join and explore umpteen opportunities prevailing in this ever-evolving technology-led industry.